Top reasons to study in germany


Germany is an all time favorite country to pursue higher education. Germany has profound, diverse and complex history, culture and fun loving people around the world. Here Universities are ranked among the best in the world, those offers innovative and international programs as well as the work discipline every professional shall dream of having.

Germany offers education completely free or universities charge very low tuition fee. According to this post; “This good fortune may not last though, in December 2016 it was announced the south-west state of Baden-Württemberg will be reintroducing tuition fees for non-EU students, starting from autumn 2017, and it’s possible other states will follow suit in the coming years. For now, the low fees certainly help to make studying in Germany an attractive option for prospective students, and the country has previously been ranked as the fourth most popular destination for international students in the world (after the US, UK and Australia)”.

Germany is still an attractive option for prospective students because of below top reasons:

  1. First and most important reason is free education or very low tuition fee education
  2. Germany provides world class education and consider as highly ranked universities country
  3. Both public and private German universities offer hundreds of academic courses every year for national & international students. Around 400 higher education institutions offer graduate and postgraduate programs for interested internationals depending on their aims and mode of studying.
  4. Practice speaking both English and German languages during your studies
  5. Endless opportunities to work in germany after you graduate, even you can find very good part time job during your studies
  6. Happy news for international students, they can study every subject in English, no need to learn German. But will prefer you to learn German side by side
  7. Low cost of living, food, restaurant, telephone, internet, leisure activities aggregate to 500-700 euro, not much in economically stable country
  8. Besides studying, you have the chance to live and explore one of the world’s most developed countries and its unique culture, history and cultural diversity of students from all over the world
  9. Travel Europe on a student visa, you will apply for a student visa that will allow you to stay in Germany for more than 90 days, you will also get a temporary residency permit to become able to live, work and move around the country as well as the whole Schengen Area, which makes for a wonderful opportunity for students to visit the other European countries you are interested..
  10. According to ; “Dual studies have proven to be very successful in the round of innovative study methods of the century. Combining studying and working simultaneously brings students to put in practice their theoretical gains at their educational institutions of the sort, be it Universities, Academies or Professional Schools, which saves time and money and gives a chance of early emancipation”

Here is the list of top ranked German universities.
Be a part of study in Germany.

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