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AdmissionJar provides the information related to admissions, jobs, scholarships, study events etc and it contains content from other websites that is publicly available. Users can read and participate by doing comments on post, create and reply on topics in Forum, the website also allows user registration and registered users can create topics and request for creating main categories in AdmissionJar community forum.

User can use the website as a registered or unregistered user and registered users can make his/her profile private or public, in case of any misleading information, offensive words, wrong and vulgar details then system will automatically mark that user as spam and administrator will delete later. User can also give feedback and can report any misleading, wrong information for change or remove.

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​Admissionjar community shares the knowledge and experience of students who are already applied, studying, studied in different universities and have experience about how to correctly apply and particular requirements.  

AdmissionJar community providing all the help and information voluntarily based on experience of students as I mentioned above, and this community isn’t responsible for admission in any university or visa process from embassy. AdmissionJar does not take any responsibilities or liabilities for its unintended change or inexact information. AdmissionJar try to spread different study related opportunities and information among the students around the world so that, they can get the access on those opportunities and pursue / apply on time.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Q: What is AdmissionJar Community?

A: Admissionjar is an online community for students where students can share the experience, information related to study opportunities, jobs, internships, seminar, scholarships, fellowships opportunities etc.

Q: Why AdmissionJar?

A: It is very initial phase of AdmissionJar community as we launched in December 2017 and it’s already helped lot of students who are connected with us and keep growing. We will recommend you to join us to not miss any good opportunity to study in top ranking universities of Europe.

Q: Is AdmissionJar a business/profit organization?

A:   No, Admissionjar isn’t a business organization. It is only an online platform to share the study related opportunities and students help each other in different issue and confusions.

Q: How to participate in AdmissionJar community?

A:  First of all create your account to connect with us and then you can participate in our forum. If you want to do posts or want to participate as an editor then please send us an email at support@admissionjar.com.

Q: How to report an issue of incorrect, copyright content?

A: If you find any issue related to content like incorrect information, copyright content, vulgar or offensive words please report us to that page / content at support@admissionjar.com. With your help and participation we can make this a better community.