university of graz

University of Graz Austria

November 2, 2019 Admin 0

Graz University is the largest and oldest university located in Graz, Austria. The second-largest in Austria founded in 1585 and currently, the Catholic Church controlled […]

study in estonia

Living and Studying in Estonia

October 17, 2017 Admin 0

Small, beautiful northern European country with just 1.3 million population, including more than 1,500 islands. Located in the baltic region of north eastern Europe and […]

univsersity of oulu

University of Oulu

September 27, 2017 Admin 0

The University of Oulu is an international science university which creates innovation for the future, well-being, and knowledge through multidisciplinary research and education. Future innovation […]

lund university

Lund University

September 9, 2017 Admin 0

Lund university is in world top 100 universities, it was founded in 1666. The University nearly has 42000 students and 7400 staff based in Lund, […]

university of helsinki

University of Helsinki

September 9, 2017 Admin 0

University of Helsinki is ranks at 90th in the world university rankings.  The University of Helsinki is the oldest and largest institution of academic education […]

university of lapland

University of Lapland

August 17, 2017 Admin 0

Located in the city of Rovaniemi, on the Arctic Circle in Finland, the University of Lapland is an international, multidisciplinary university whose areas of expertise […]