Suggestions to Write Successful PhD Motivation Letter

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I still remember the difficulties and solicitous when I started to writing a motivation letter for my PhD proposal. No doubt writing a motivation letter for PhD programs is a challenging job, but I would say do not be worried and you can write best and appealing motivation letter by knowing some core principles and tips. The importance of a the motivation letter is clear on that admissions committee able to distinguish between excellent students and outstanding students, those would be valuable research students and would bring a larger contribution to the research community of the university. Motivation letter does not only matter on what you write, but it same as important how you write it, specifically the choice of words, language, tone and the level of enthusiasm you show in the motivation letter.

PhD applicants may be motivated by many factors like willingness to improve career prospects, passion for research work and teaching and the aspiration to discover and learn new things (source phdportal).

Here is the list of do’s and don’ts to write successful PhD motivation letter that would help you to overcome your worries and stress:

  • First rule is do not sound arrogant and pretentious. Keep professional and mature tone
  • Start your first paragraph of motivation letter with some interesting phrase and same finish with some interesting phrase
  • Try not to quote books, magazines or publication in a way that makes it sound like  you have only read them to put them on your statement
  • Do not lie outright and stay as close to the truth as possible
  • Do not try to be funny or makes jokes in your motivation letter
  • Do no use often ‘I’ in the beginning or inside the sentences
  • Do not include you hobbies or interest unless they are relevant
  • Do not use too much high class vocabulary that you normally don’t use in daily life but copied from dictionary
  • Do not use famous quotes in your letter
  • Try to not repeat things or statements in your motivation letter
  • Do not include cliches
  • Do not express any political, racial or religious viewpoints
  • Try not to praise university or course too much just be on the point to tell how you can be valuable in this research program and your intellectual interest for the PhD course
  • Do not write 3-4 pages and try to be precise, clear structure and try to finish within 1 page (not recommended by not more than 2 pages).
  • Better to find some fellow who is already doing PhD or teacher etc for review

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