Sparrho Heroes Researcher Prize

Sparrho Heroes Researcher Prize

Early Career Researcher Prize 2017-2018

Sparrho, a London-based science startup, is offering travel grants of €550* to PhD students and postdocs from any institute who want to share their research at an academic conference in the next 12 months, anywhere in the world.

In June alone, we received applications from over 70 countries, which includes shortlisted entries from researchers at the Universities of Copenhagen, Tel Aviv, Edinburgh, Cambridge, Munich, Monash, Caltech, MIT and University of Kelaniya. The platform encourages users from across world to collaborate based on mutual research interests, while developing their science communication skills.

How to apply?

  • Complete this 5-minute online form with your details and no more than 300 words to introduce your research to our global community
  • Curate a collection of papers that represent your research, using Sparrho’s discovery platform,

The deadline for the Prizes to be awarded in August is next Monday, 31st July, 23:59 GMT — there is still time to submit your online application.

To see the application form and some of July’s shortlisted applicants, go now to:

The next deadline is August 31st 2017 for our September 2017 Prizes.

Applications welcome from all fields of scientific research:

Biology | Chemistry | Computer Science | Engineering Mathematics | Medicine | Physics

How long does it take to complete the application process?

Completion of the form takes about 5-10 minutes. Once the pin board is created we expect applicants to spend about 20-30 minutes selecting relevant articles to pin. This process can be done in the weeks leading up to the application deadline.

How many winners will there be?

Ten winners will be selected over the course of 5 months, with approximately two winners announced every 15th of the month starting from July 2017. The winners will be selected based on quality of the pinboard they curate as part of the application, as well as their contribution to the conference they are attending. Quality pinboards are regarded as those that are written for a scientific, non-expert audience that provide a concise and interesting introduction to a research field, accompanied by a relevant series of publications.

About Sparrho

Sparrho is a one-stop-shop for scientists to discover, curate and collaborate on 60 million+ papers and patents, updated daily from 45,000+ sources.

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