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Small, beautiful northern European country with just 1.3 million population, including more than 1,500 islands. Located in the baltic region of north eastern Europe and neighbouring with Finland, Sweden, Latvia and Russia.

Living and Studying in Estonia

  • Estonian Universities worldwide ranking is very good
  • Very cheap living cost as compared to other countries in Europe, you can easily live here just in 200-350 Euros per month
  • Neighboring countries are Finland, Russia, Latvia and Lithuania
  • Schengen visa, you can easily move to any part of Europe from here
  • They are promoting their country by opening their borders for international students
  • You can build your own company in Estonia on the internet (E-Residence)
  • Skype developed in Estonia and office is located in Estonian capital city Tallinn
  • The length of the longest day in summer is over 19 hours, while the shortest winter day lasts only six hours.

Level of Studies

Admissions open every year and deadline is May 15th but it differs from university to university so please better to check from university website or Estonian universities offers courses for:

  • Bachelors
  • Masters
  • PhD


Below are the list of universities in Estonia, but there are also affiliated colleges and institutes those offer degree and professional studies:

Scholarships and Expenses

For Master’s degree first you have to secure an admission in the university and they would offer you tuition fee waiver scholarship, it depends on course (check at university course website). After coming here you can apply for several other scholarships as well like state scholarship, specialty scholarship, Estonian ministry scholarship etc.

For PhD, you also have to secure admission in the university and you will be eligible for the Estonian government scholarship which gives 442 Euros per month + you will be getting funding from your lab as well so more or less you would be earning like 1000 Euros per month in University of Tartu.

Working with/after Studies

You can work part time with your studies but its hard to get job because of language barrier, and you won’t be getting time for work because university give lots of homework so it would be hard to manage both at the same time.

You can create your own company here or you can look for jobs, they give 6 months visa after your studies to find job. They give citizenship to foreigner if he/she worked in Estonia for 5 years (rules change time to time so better to check latest updates from Estonian state portal or politsei (police)) and know and knows Estonian language (B1-B2 level).

Visa Procedure

This section includes country specific information like for Pakistan, Nigeria, Bangladesh etc.

The most unfortunate thing for these countries where no Estonian embassy. In this case in order to get & apply for a visa and residence permit student have to visit nearest country embassy like Turkey, Egypt, China, Tokyo, Georgia, Kazakhstan, Russia etc.

After securing admission the most irritating thing is to go for this because it is really hectic and you need more money and time to pass through from this procedure.

Visa Options

When looking for options we need to bear in mind expenses because flying to another country is an expensive thing! The most feasible option is to go Turkey or Egypt because their flight is cheap and short time living cost is low.

When you go to apply for visa to visit Estonian embassy please mention your purpose of visit to that country like you admission letter from Estonian university. Turkish embassy can be nightmare and they can refuse your visa after three weeks.

Egypt is another option to consider, but apply quickly because they take almost 30+ days to process your visa application. Egypt flight rate > 70,000. I would suggest you to apply for both Turkey and Egypt at the same time. In this way you would be saving your precious time.

China and Japan have tough visa policies so consider them if you can fulfill their requirements.

One best but little expensive option is Georgia. You can get their E-Visa in no time but their flight is little expensive 90,000/PKR (approx 850 euro). One of my friend came through this route.

Visa Types

Get appointment from Estonian embassy of your chosen country beforehand and send them your documents for pre evaluation via email. In order to study and live here you need to apply for Temporary Residence Permit for study. It takes 2 months to process but the good news is you can apply for Estonian D visa (For Masters and PhD studies) in the embassy. It takes 7 days to process that type of visa.

If you get it you can travel directly from that country (Let’s say Turkey) to Estonia and apply for residence permit on reaching Estonia.

One Student story

I came to know about Estonia from Scholarship network group and searched their universities, emailed professors and applied in University of Tartu for Masters in Computer Science.

Fortunately I got the tuition fee waiver scholarship even with the low CGPA (2.95). Then I applied for Turkish visa and was rejected, I had one month left so I applied at Egyptian embassy and they gave me visa after 35 days then I went Egypt and got Estonian visa. You can’t imagine how painful it was for me but finally I reached at Estonia and decided to help fellow students as much as I can so nobody go through the pain what I went through.

For more information

Please create your account here and feel free to ask questions from alumni & already studying students there those would be better help you on your queries.

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