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Dear Sir/Madam,

I enrolled in Fourah Bay College, University of Sierra Leone in 1998 and graduated in 2001 with a Bachelors Degree in Social Science (Accounting option). I took the following courses in my final year at the university; Project Management, Management Accounting, Financial Accounting, Management Mathematics and IT.  I evaluated the corporate planning systems of the National Telecommunications Service Provider in Sierra Leone as my final year project. Although project management was not a stand-alone subject, some of its core component bestrides both the Management Accounting and Management Mathematics courses. Students were introduced to the aspects of project costing, discounting and non-discounting techniques in appraising private and public sector projects and the application of the critical path analysis concept in determining minimum project duration, prioritising project activities and analysing complex projects.

I gained employment at the Blue Baird in 2002 and was initially assigned to the International Finance Department where I worked with a  team that liaise with the Ministry of Finance in ensuring compliance with the financial management requirements of various donor funded projects. I was later reassigned to the Development Coordination Department where I serve at present as Officer-in-Charge of the Private Sector Division. My broad function bestrides both the private and public sectors. I work with various stakeholder groups on issues bordering on regulations, policies and access to finance with a view to revamping the private in my country. On the public I liaise mainly with the Ministries of Finance and Development and economic planning vis-à-vis implementation of donor funded projects, meeting of benchmarks and the implementation of donor funded project.  Prior to my joining the Blue Baird I worked on contract of the United Nations World Food Programme country Office in Sierra Leone.

My current professional duty affords me the opportunity to interact with and gain valuable practical experience from the expertise of foreign project managers; who are recruited as a stop gap measure in a region where there is an acute dearth of experienced project managers. The knowledge gained by working with them has been useful in understanding and interpreting project implementation manuals thereby enhancing my performance in Project Steering Committees set up by the Government and vested with the responsibilities of policy formulation and implementation of donor funded projects. However, I am aware of the need for further training and exposure in order to deal effectively with the practical challenges which are often encountered in project implementation. By pursuing a post graduate qualification in strategic project management, I expect to be au-fait with best practice whilst improving my knowledge of existing and emerging project management issues.  Additionally, I expect to familiarise myself with the use and impact of computer applications in project management. This would enhance my capacity to contribute significantly to my country’s post-conflict reconstruction drive and equip with me with the skills required for effective performance in a very dynamic environment.

Having gone through the course structure and method of delivery, I am convinced it provides participants with the grounding necessary to function in the wider project management spectrum. I am convinced that a delivery method which combines theory and practice affords the opportunity to apply classroom knowledge in real life scenarios. I expect to use the individual and group activities to broaden my perspective, share my experiences and learn from the experiences of others.  As our world constrict in a global village, I am aware of the need to have a globally recognised qualification if one is to be and stay competitive. As a leading research institution, with a long learning tradition and innovation in a multi-cultural environment, Njala University has what it takes to prepare me for a rewarding career in project management.

Thank you for the attention giving to my letter. I would consider it a privilege to provide any further information

Sincerely yours,


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