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Dear Sir or Madam,

I started my Bachelors education both in Commerce and Agricultural Engineering simultaneously in 2000 & 2001 from University of Punjab and University of Agriculture and concluded the same in 2003 & 2005 respectively. Soon after, I was on a hunt for a job at a multinational company which could blend both of these varying educational backgrounds together and become a source of learning for me in my professional career.

I was fortunate enough to get appointed as a junior executive in the Marketing Division of Massey Ferguson, Pakistan (Millat Tractors Ltd), in early 2006, which was then and still is the market leader of the tractor industry in Pakistan. After more than three and a half years of work experience and being promoted as Assistant Manager (Field Marketing), I feel that international exposure is vital to appreciate my net worth as a thorough professional as it has become clear to me that in today’s world, barriers to trade are being broken down and technology is transforming the nature and pace of business and trade in the international arena.

Since, I lack exposure to the tools and concepts relating to management of a business on an international level, it limits my capabilities to grow in the industry where broad exposure is vital to achieve personal and professional growth. Also, I have a vision to manage my own business on an international scale in the near future as my ultimate objective is to become a well seasoned business professional. Therefore, I realized that it is the right time to enhance capabilities to ensure my growth in this highly competitive corporate world. With passion and persistence I initiated search for a source of transformation for my personal and professional capabilities.

After doing countless hours of research I decided to study the program offered, “Masters Degree in International Business” by your University. On the International Relations side I get to understand the theory and the policy behind not only the International Trading system but trade relations between state and non state actors. However, on the business side I will be exposed to the processes involved in strategic management, International business operations, International management and global growth strategies.

I believe that with the specialized academic environment, developed over the years by dedicated researchers, teachers and even students at University of xxx, will put me on the fast tract to a career in international business. The wide range of knowledge acquired during the course at your University will enable and equip me with the skills and competence required in rapidly changing corporate world.

Since, I acquired double Bachelor degree, with an aim to strengthen my foundation with basic concepts of trade, commerce and engineering. It helped in my career as I gained working experience in the business of farm machinery. After thoroughly studying the implications of this field and attending a training course at our principle company AGCO Ltd (UK) Brazil, I am completely determined to pursue a degree in international business with keen interest and dedication that will lead me to achieve brilliant success at your university.

I feel that my educational as well as working achievements are adequate to make me eligible of being enlisted at University of xxx, to become a successful business professional.

My personal achievements include, being declared best achiever for highest tractor sales for 2006 – 2007. Visited Brazil on selection for marketing management training course sponsored by our principles Massey Ferguson, AGCO Ltd (UK) Brazil, due to outstanding performance in 2007.1st position acquired in Presentation skills program at Millat tractors in 2008. 2nd best position for achievement of sales targets in Government’s Benazir tractor scheme of 10,000 subsidized tractors for farmers (2009).Conducting annual farmer’s orientation program since last three years. Prepared analytical and strategic reports for All Pakistan Annual Dealer’s conference since last 03 financial years.

I am totally confident in my abilities and wish to assure the evaluation board that I would bring my own experience, learning, educational background and exposure gained throughout my academic and professional period. It would be very enlightening to share and exchange thoughts and ideas with a group of people who are from different nationalities, cultural orientations and schools of thought on one platform.

Other merits include, Conducted event management for the launching ceremony of MF-375 & MF-350, tractor models in Pakistan at five star Pearl Continental Hotel, Lahore and seven different dealer outlets throughout the country (2009).Conducted sales team training sessions at various dealer outlets. Conducted the test and trial of latest imported tractor model in different areas of Pakistan for customers’ feedback and acceptability level. Played key role in organizing various in-house meeting and corporate seminars at national level. Represented my company at the annual conference of Farmers Association of Pakistan (2007).

Thank you for considering my application and your time.

Yours sincerely,


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