German language Beginner Course - Speaking, Vocabulary and Dictation

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This is a great chance to learn German language with intensive speaking exercises and enlarge your vocabulary with effective expressions. This course will help you to improve your speaking skills through multiple speaking practices and enlarge your vocabulary while you study how to pronounce words correctly and use them in the sentences. Certainly, only grammar knowledge is not enough to speak in German, you need to practice speaking to be able to speak in German and this course will help you to achieve this goal.

Narrator: Mrs. Yesilkaya

Important things to know

  • This is not a grammar course
  • This course is not suitable for the students who doesn’t have any German knowledge
  • This is a course for those who have already started learning German and
  • Want to expand their vocabulary and
  • Improve their speaking,
  • Listening and
  • Writing skills simultaneously
  • It is also compatible with all A1 level German language books


Basic knowledge of German grammar will be helpful.

How to study?

This course is a speaking training in German language. Basic knowledge of German grammar will be helpful.

The first three sections of the units (vocabulary, speaking and dictation) are available in video format. Only question section as a summary is available in text format. It is recommended to repeat each lesson 3-5 times in order to reinforce your learning and finally be able to speak fluently and build a good conversation. This course contains 10 lessons on different topics and more than 8-hours of video materials.

Each lesson is divided into 4 parts

1. Vocabulary

Introduces new German words, related to the subject of the lesson and provided with English meaning. You will learn how to pronounce new words and use them in sentences correctly.

2. Speaking

Answer the questions!

Provides information on the subject of the lesson followed by questions regarding it. Answering these questions will make you practice your speaking in German, and afterwards you will be given the correct answers to verify yourself.

Try to understand the meaning. Don’t worry, the words and sentences are easy to understand.

You need only repetition. After a few repetition of the lessons you will be able to pronounce and speak better.

3. Dictation

Allows you practice your spelling. You will hear the whole text first, and then it will be dictated word by word. At the end you can check your results.

4. Questions ( Only Text )

In this section you can find daily questions related to each topic.

Who is the target audience?

  • This course is designed for people who want to learn German in an easy way without tough grammar rules,
  • expand their vocabulary fast and in an effective easy way,
  • improve their listening, speaking and writing skills,
  • pursue every day German conversations fluently in varying topics, like travelling, shopping etc. with confidence.

What Will you Learn by this German language course?

  • meet and greet people
  • talk about cities, countries, languages and nationalities
  • ask and answer questions about days of week, months, dates and numbers
  • have a conversation about families, relatives
  • talk about hobbies and activities
  • talk about food and beverages
  • order food and drink at a restaurant
  • do shopping
  • have daily conversations
  • have conversations while travelling
  • ask for and give directions
  • describe objects
  • talk about parts of body and health
  • speak German in a working environment

Course content Includes

  • 8 hours on-demand video
  • 10 Articles
  • Full lifetime access
  • Access on mobile and TV
  • Certificate of Completion

Course Closed.

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