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26/03/2018 3:56 pm  

Distracted Driving Family Plan Scholarship

The Parnall Law Office is proud to offer the 2018 Scholarship Program that is designed to help interested high school (upon graduation from high school) or college students in the United States to attend an institution of higher education, while also bringing to attention to the dangers of distracted driving. $5000 in prizes will be awarded to the top 3 applicants.

Essay Topic

Create a “Distracted Driving Family Plan” within which you address the safety of your family by proactively committing to a plan that avoids the occurrence(s) of distracted driving by you and the members of your family.

Your essay should encompass the concept of Distracted Driving by formulating a plan for you and your family to commit to, with respect to addressing this troubling trend on our roads, including:

Explain what distracted driving is. (For example, is it just texting, talking on the phone, or is it more than that?)
Tell us about any time that you have personally experienced distracted driving. (Do you text or talk on a cell phone while driving or do your friends and family members? What do you do if you are with someone who is driving while distracted?)
What suggestions would you make to encourage your family to avoid distracted driving?
Please give examples of any surveys, studies, statistics, or stories in the news that support your points.”

Distracted Driving Quick Facts

Talking and texting while driving cause over 300,000 injuries every year.
Drunk and distracted driving cause nearly half of all deaths on the road.
Cell phone distractions cause 2,600 deaths every year.

Important Dates

Start of Submission of Application: February 1st, 2018
Deadline of Submission of Application: April 15th, 2018


First Place Prize: $2,500
Second Place Prize: $1,500
Third Place Prize: $1,000


The scholarship contest is open to high school, college or university students nationwide.
Students must be US residents.
Entries must be submitted to via the form below between February 1, 2018 and April 15, 2018.
Entries to be judged by the offices of Parnall Law Firm, LLC and will be judged on originality and caliber or response. Judges’ decisions are final.
Awards will be made directly to scholarship programs of winning students. Awards to be presented in May of 2018.

Submit your essays here: