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Studying a second degree in Germany  


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24/12/2017 8:33 pm  

Hi there,

I want to study a second bachelor’s degree in Germany. My first degree was in Engineering and I earned it from an Asian university. Therefore, I have a few questions that I would like to know the answer for:

  1. Are there any requirements/challenges faced by people who intend to attend college for a second degree?
  2. Would I need to apply using my first degree or using my high school diploma?
  3. Will I need to have minimum CGPA grade from my first degree? FYI, I got a 2.84 CGPA in my first degree. Would that be considered too low
  4. Is it easier to get an admission for a Master’s program or a second Bachelor’s degree in Germany?

 Thanks in advance!

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25/12/2017 1:07 pm  

If you have already done 4 years bachelor then I would recommend you to apply directly in Master degree.

Yes it is easy to get admission but still there is lot of competition so apply in mutiple courses and universities. Mostly selection depend on your previous degree field , grades in related courses or applied degree, IELTS/TOEFL score if required, and most importantly job experience in related field.