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Specialty Scholarships in Estonia  


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06/10/2017 9:20 pm  

Estonian government and universities have initiated various scholarship schemes in order to support international students who are interested in studying at Estonia. Below is the Specialty Scholarships in Estonia:

The aim:

Every year the IT Academy gives away a total of €800 000 as scholarships to Bachelor's, Master's and PhD students at the Tallinn University of Technology and the University of Tartu. The scholarship will be issued twice a year in October and February.

Scholarship amount:

In the academic year 2015/2016, the amount of the scholarship for master student is €300 per one month (most probably will be same for next academic years, altogether scholarship is awarded for one academic year).

Bachelor's and Master's students need to apply for these scholarships through the universities and PhD students receive it automatically.



This information was compiled by one student living and studying in Estonia.