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Skype Scholarships in Estonia  


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06/10/2017 9:17 pm  

Estonian government and universities have initiated various scholarship schemes in order to support international students who are interested in studying at Estonia. Below is the Skype Scholarships in Estonia:

The aim:

The purpose of Skype and IT Academy Master’s Scholarship (Scholarship) is to support the studies of excellent Master`s students of Cyber Security or Computer and Systems Engineering at Tallinn University of Technology or Software Engineering or Informatics at University of Tartu.

Scholarship amount:

The total amount of the Scholarship is €52 000 and 8 scholarships will be awarded (might be different for each academic year and this information is based on 2015/2106 academic year). The amount of one scholarship is €6500 (for 10 month).

Application Deadline:

Most probably in September, check below for correct dates and more information.



This information was compiled by one student living and studying in Estonia.