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Questions about study and life in Estonia.  


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Frequently asked questions about study and life in Estonia.


1) Is IELTS necessary for getting admission in Estonian Universities?

Yes, it is necessary for Master’s programs as well as PhD program but if Supervisor of PhD accept student without IELTS then it’s your luck so I would suggest you to take IELTS test and try to get more than 6.5 bands as it will increase your chance of getting admission. Minimum score required 5.5 bands.


2) Do we need to create bank account like in Germany visa process?

No, the cool thing about Estonia is that they accept your normal 6 months Bank statement. If you don’t have it then your parents or siblings statement would work if they write and sign a letter to support your education and living expenses in Estonia.


3) Should my documents be attested or not before sending University?

It’s better to attest your educational documents from HEC and send it to University. In my case they accepted my documents without HEC attestation, I just notarized the documents and sent it to university.


4) Should I send original documents when applying to university?

No, you shouldn’t send your original documents, make a photocopy of your documents and attest them from notary public in Pakistan, then send it to university. A notarized copy is considered true and original copy of your document.


5) Is contacting professor necessary for Masters or for PhD?

It’s not necessary but if you do and professors show interest then it would increase your chance of getting admission in University. If they don’t reply then doesn’t matter, you must apply directly in university when admission opens.


6) Can I do job along with my studies?

You are allowed to do job here but you won’t get job here because of language barrier and their workload is huge so you won’t be able to get enough time to manage both job and studies at the same time. You have to take minimum 30 ECTS per semester that means 5 courses of 6 credits hours. 1-2 assignment of each course weekly and you have to keep in mind their assignments are hard to do unlike Pakistan and rules about cheating and plagiarism are very strict here. So only studies, studies and studies. But the good news is if you get good grades then you can apply for several scholarships here and you would be getting monthly stipend of 150-200 Euros (For Masters) which is enough to live here. If you get a job and manage it with your studies then it would be a Bonus and great achievement!


7) Can I get job after my studies in Estonia?

Yes, you can do jobs here in Estonia. You can even apply for summer internships here and get paid for it and if you are doing great there then they offer you job. You have to keep in mind that their wages are low as compared to other parts of Europe.


8) Can I go to any other European country after studies or in between studies?

Yes, you can go to any Schengen area of Europe on your residence permit.


9) How much PhD student get stipend in Estonia?

If you are enrolled in PhD then you would be given Estonian government scholarship and their stipend is 442 Euros per month. In the lab where you will work they would also give you money and that depends on lab to lab and University to University. In University of Tartu CS department they give you ~800-1000 Euros.


10) How much money would I spend in Estonia monthly?

That depends on person to person. I heard people lived here in 150 Euros monthly as well but you have to keep in mind minimum 200 Euros.


11) How much do I have to show as Bank statement?

For Masters you must have at least 5000 Euros in your bank account to be able to live and study here for two years (200x24=4800). For PhD you would be getting stipend so it doesn’t matter that how much you have but for entering in Turkey or Egypt you must have above 3 lacs PKR to show.


12) Is it safe for me here in Estonia?

Yes, it is safe for you to live and study here.


13) What’s the worth of getting degree from Estonian University?

Estonian universities worldwide ranking is good so for me it’s good to have degree from Estonia.


14) How to get Turkish/Egypt/Georgia visa?

Getting a Georgian visa is most easy and time saving, you go online and apply for visa at . For Turkey you need to apply for Tourism visa and tell them that you will be visiting Estonian Embassy in Ankara. It depends on their mood now if they allow you visa or not because they give visa to someone with this reason and reject other for the same reason so they don’t have any criteria. For Egypt you need to apply for Tourist visa but you need to be quick because they take almost 40 days to process your visa.


15) How much the flight cost for above mentioned countries?

That pretty much depends on time and rates of flights so you need to check the rates on internet or there is an epic android app skyscanner. Note! You need to buy return ticket of any of the country because Pakistan immigration won’t let you go on one way ticket. So I would advise you to buy refundable ticket from any ticketing agent or airline itself.


16) Can I come directly from Egypt, Turkey or Georgia to Estonia?

Yes, you can come directly.


17) How to get appointment in Estonian Embassy?

Email the Estonian embassy you are going to visit before leaving Pakistan and send them your all required documents so that they pre evaluate them before your departure from Pakistan. They would give you appointment date and time.


18) How to apply for Temporary Residence Permit (TRP)?

You can apply for TRP as well as Estonian D visa. TRP process time is almost 2 months so it’s better to apply for D-visa and on coming Estonia you apply for TRP. Standard time for D-visa is 7 working days


19) Documents required?

Visit their website they have complete list of documents. You have to provide them with all the required documents.








20) How much money would I spend till reaching Estonia?

Approximately 80-150 Thousands. In worst cases more than that.

General advice would be to think of Estonia if you can visit these countries and bear expenses. For specific program queries you should check your program of interest in It’s a good website that let you search all the programs, universities and information associated with the admission. You can email your specific queries to university, they usually reply in 3 working days.


Best of Luck and please feel free to ask any question related to study in Estonia.


This information compiled based on academic year 2015/2016 by one international student living and studying in Estonia and there are some country specific information also.