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PROS and CONS relat...

PROS and CONS related to study in Estonia  


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04/10/2017 8:30 pm  

Here is a feedback from our one friend currently studying in Estonia and this information is gathered based on his one year time span.

Here are the some advantages and limitations related to study in Estonia.


1. Estonian universities are ranked good in world rankings.(University of Tartu QS ranking: 314, in Linguistics 101-150)

Tallinn University of Technology QS ranking :601-650)

2. They accept students with low CGPA. If you are accepted then university would automatically grant you tuition fee waiver scholarship, so you don't have to pay anything.

3. Visa ratio is good. I haven't heard anyone rejected in a while. you'll be handed over with a D-type Schengen visa so you can travel 28 countries of Europe .

4. For students whose area of interest deals with robotics, space technology or computer engineering. There's a master program being offered at Tartu university. The best part is out of 20 seats, 19 are tuition fee places.Furthermore, 60% weightage is given to your motivation letter and 40% to your academics. This assessment criteria is applicable to almost other programmes as well in Tartu university.

5. For Phd, if you are able to secure an admission, then there's no need to pay tuition fees but infact Estonian government pays 400 euros/ month +Health insurance to all Phd candidates.

6. No application fee whatsoever in university of Tartu.

7. Low living and accommodation expenses compared to rest of the Europe. university dormitories per month fee can be as low as 100 euros/month.

8. No Blocked account, statement as low as 6-8 lac for 6 months.

9. Low IELTS requirement (min 5.5)


1.No embassy in Pakistan

2. Low number of International courses offered at Tartu universities (for Masters)

3. Application fees of 100 euros at TUT

4. Application fees of 80 euros at TLU

5. low scholarship for Phd students

Overall it is a best place to live and study, best of luck!

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07/10/2017 12:03 pm  

In point 8 you said 6-8 lakh of 6 months. Is it some of six month's statement or per month???

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07/10/2017 1:08 pm  

No, you just have to show as your bank statement. you can withdraw/use that money anytime.