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Estonian Ministry of Foreign Affairs scholarships  


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06/10/2017 9:25 pm  

Estonian government and universities have initiated various scholarship schemes in order to support international students who are interested in studying at Estonia. Below is the Estonian Ministry of Foreign Affairs scholarships :

Ministry of Foreign Affairs offers a limited number of scholarships for Tallinn University of Technology´s Master study candidates from targeted countries. Since it is Tallinn University of Technology who submits application to the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, then the exact number of scholarships available will be announced.

The scholarship is granted for 2 years (nominal study period of Master´s studies) with monthly allowance of 400 EUR which is paid throughout the academic year from September 1 until June 30.

Stipends are available for following Master´s programmes:

1.Technology Governance

2. Environmental Engineering and Management

3. Industrial Engineering and Management

4. E-Governance Technologies & Services

5. Health Care Technologies.

How to apply?

To apply for the Ministry of Foreign Affairs scholarship, please send your motivation essay

to Final deadline to send in your motivation essay is 1st of May 2016.

For more information regarding Scholarships, visit  

This information was compiled based on academic year 2015/2016 by one student living and studying in Estonia.