Admissionjar mission is to establish a platform where ambitious students who are looking to get admission in top European universities, scholarships and jobs at Europe can come, register and connect with the current and alumni students from top European universities to get advice on how to apply for admission, scholarship, jobs. Admissionjar is a peer-to-peer Ed-tech industry platform.

Admissionjar help those students who are looking for studies in European universities and it also helps to find scholarships, jobs, in visa process, free events, study tours and etc. Admissionjar isn’t a business organization, it is completely based on students and brings together experience of new applicants and students those have already studied or studying in European universities. Admissionjar was founded in 2016 by students studying at different European countries and it’s community is committed to help and solve any type of inquiries during application process, admissions etc.

Lot of students face issues during admissions and visa process due to some sort of confusions, misunderstandings, special requirements. So that’s why this blog is created to gather students on one platform to build students community in Europe to help each other in admission and visa process or any other issue.

European education system offers lot of various academic and professional higher education for foreigners. Lot of universities already has been started offering degree programs those are fully taught in English.

This community providing all the help and information voluntarily based on experience of students as I mentioned above, and this community isn’t responsible for admission in any university or visa process from embassy.

Information and details in this community is based on personal knowledge and experience of students so if you find any kind of wrong,irrelevant or misleading information please contact with us to improve the content and with your help and participation we can make it better community.